Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bumi Lots Released and Opens For Sales @ Seri Austin Residence Apartment

Bumi lots released and opens for sales now!

Package for May 2015:
- Special Rebate
- Free legal fee and disbursement on Sale & Purchase Agreement
- Free loan agreement and stamp duty.
- Free Kitchen Cabinet, hob and hood.
- Free 2 air-cons
- Free 1 year maintenance

Product Information
Type : Residential Apartments
Land Tenure : Freehold
Total Blocks : 3
Total Units : 420 (140 units each tower)
Location: Jalan Seri Austin 1/17, Taman Seri Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

Recreational facilities
BBQ Deck Area, Exercise Track, Outdoor Gym & Fitness Station, Gymnasium & Yoga, Swimming Pool, Kids Pool, Children’s Playground, Games Room, Multi Purpose Hal and Basketball Court

Security System
24 Hours Security Patrols
Smart Card Access System
Strategic location of CCTVs within the development

Appliance & Fittings
Fibre optics telephone cables, High Speed Broadband (HSBB) ready, Kitchen cabinet with Hob and Hood, Sanitary and Plumbing Fittings e.g kitchen sinks, wash basins, taps etc

Type A Show Unit: 

1 bedroom +1 bathroom + Study Area, built up area of 661 sqf

Type B Show Unit: 

2 + 1 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms, built up area of 888 sqf


Type C Show Unit: 

3 bedrooms +3 bathrooms + 1 utility room, built up area of 1,208 sqf

For further enquiries, please contact salesperson from developer Dynasty View Sdn Bhd: 

Michael Chuang (h/p: +6010-7668896)


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ongoing Project: Phase 5H2 - Jade 2 Double Storey Terrace 22'x75 and 24''x75'

双层排楼 22’x75' 与 24’x75’


Total unit: 115 (Type A: 39 units & Type B: 76 units) 

Jade 1 - 22'x75' left corner lots onlyJade 2 - 24'x75' are available now

For any enquiries and booking, please contact  salesperson from developer:

Michael Chuang(h/p: +6010-7668896)


New Project: D'Lagoon @Seri Austin, Johor Bahru

Open For Sales Now

Showroom ready for viewing


Type A: 826 Sq ft
Type B: 874 Sq ft
Type C: 1,053 Sq ft

Total unit: 
Block A:102 
Block B:102

3 Storey Landed Strata: 2,796 Sq ft, Total unit: 58


For any enquiries and booking, please contact  salesperson from developer: 

Michael Chuang(h/p: +6010-7668896)


Available Units of Phase 5H1 Jade - Double Storey Terrace House, Seri Austin Hills

Phase 5H1: JADE 1 - Double Storey Terrace 22'x75' & 24'x75' 

Type A - 22'x75', built-up area:2,209sqf
- 2 corner units available available now


Type B - 24'x75', built-up area:2,552sqf
- 2 units of intemidate Lots and 2 units of corner lot are available now

Total unit: 120 (Type A: 44 units & Type B: 76 units)


For any enquiries and booking, please contact  salesperson from developer Seri Austin: 
Michael Chuang(h/p: +6010-7668896)

Bumi Lot Released and Open For Sales: Olivine - Double Storey Semi-D 35' x90' @ Seri Austin Hills

土著单位以开放 双层半独立 

Built-up: 3,067 Sq ft.

6 units available now

Discount for limited unit and period.


Expected Completion Date: Phase 5F1 by May 2015, Phase 5F2 by Dec 2015

Outstanding Features: 
  • Fibber optics telephone cables
  • Free 2 years TM Unifi Hi-speed Broadband
  • Gated & guarded community
  • Quality floor tiles
  • Kitchen cabinet with hob and hood
  • Solar water heater system
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Air conditioning systems in Living and bathrooms
  •  Internal CCTV wiring
  • Wider car porch with tiles
  • Bathroom with shower screen and shower mixer tap
  • CCTV at perimeter fencing
  • Rain water harvesting tank

For any enquiries, please contact  salesperson: 

Michael (h/p: +6010-7668896)

Bumi Lot Released Soon - Phase 5G [ PEARL ] - Double Storey Terrace House 26'80' & 24'x80'

Limited Unit

双层排楼 - 土著单位即将开放 单位有限

Expected complete in September 2015

PEARL 1  Ground Floor

PEARL 1  1st Floor


PEARL 2  Ground Floor

PEARL 2  1st Floor

PEARL Site Plan

☆Gated and guarded.

For any enquiries, please contact  sales person: 

Michael (h/p: +6010-7668896)


Monday, April 13, 2015

New Projects For Sale: Aster - Double Storey Semi-D and Cluster Home

Phase 6A1 - Double Storey Semi-D 32'x85'

Built-up area: 2,802 square feet



Phase 6A2 - Double Storey Cluster 32'x75'

Built-up area: 2,601 square feet




For further enquiries, please contact salesperson from developer: 

Michael Chuang (h/p: +6010-7668896)



For Sale - Houses and Shop Offices @Seri Austin Hills, JB

JADE 1: Double Storey Terrace Corner Lot, 40'x75', buil-up area: 2,209 square feet (Limited unit)

JADE 1: Double Storey Terrace intermediate lot 24'x75', buil-up area: 2,552 square feet (Limited unit)

JADE 2: Double Storey Terrace corner lot, 40'x75', built-up area: 2,227 square feet (Limited unit)

JADE 2: Double Storey Terrace corner lot , 42'x75', built-up area: 2,507 square feet

PEARL 1: Double Storey Terrace, 26x80, Built-up area: 2,588 sqaure feet (Limited unit)

Three Storey Shop Office, 24'x80', Built-up area: 5699sqf
Seri Austin Residence Apartment Type A 661sqf, Type B 888sqf and Type C 1,208sqf

Special Rebate provided 

Kindly contact Michael +6010-7668896 or email to for further information.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Seri Austin - Winners of Asia Pacific Awards

Seri Austin - Winners of Asia Pacific Awards
Mar 12, 2014

In the Asia Pacific Property 2014-2015 Awards, Dynasty View Sdn Bhd (a wholly-owned subsidiary of UMLand Bhd), has successfully being awarded in two categories of Property Single Unit and Residential Development for their luxurious Ametrine Bungalow Development at Seri Austin Hills of SERI AUSTIN township.

The International Property Awards are open to residential and commercial property professionals from around the globe. They celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. The awards are given for the quality of design, construction and presentation of individual properties and property developments, interiors, architecture and marketing. The awards are recognitions of achievement in a particular category or discipline, decided by a panel of more than 50 well-respected experts judging panels represented by well-established professional bodies around the world. The gala dinner for the Asia Pacific Property Awards will be held in May 2014 at Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Early this year, SERI AUSTIN has been recognized as the 1st Role Model for the Smart and Healthy City and Community Township. Two recreation parks in SERI AUSTIN have also been gazette as 1st Smoke-free parks in township in Iskandar Malaysia. The Smart Healthy City aims to enhance the people’s quality of life, and to achieve a sustainable economic and technological ecosystem that would ultimately create smart, connected and inclusive communities.

SERI AUSTIN was the 1st Township in Southern Johor to offer free High Speed Broadband to its residents through signing of High Speed Broadband (HSBB) Unifi services with Telekom Malaysia in October 2010.  SERI AUSTIN was also the 1st Township to launch and implement “ Effective Microorganism” together with MBJB  in November  2008, which was officiated by the then Mayor of Johor Bahru Dato Mohd Naim Bin Nasir.  EM is used wisely by many countries worldwide as an alternative to chemical in agriculture, environmental remediation and Waste water treatment and many more.  Further, SERI AUSTIN implemented the 1st designated bicycle lane in Johor for safety cycling in April 2012.  The bicycle lane stretches approximately 7.3 km around the Seri Austin Township and is well designed with proper bicycle signages, integrating with the existing roads. 

During the year 2013, Seri Austin Residence was awarded “The Most Livable, Modern Residential Enclave” at the Malaysian Reserve Property Press Awards 2013.   It is one of the most meaningful property awards in Malaysia as it is not given out by an association but rather awarded by the Property Press, which has been following the major property events in the year.  The award this year acknowledged the company’s success in making Seri Austin Residences an icon in Johor Bahru.

SERI AUSTIN was also awarded SME Sahabat Negara Award by SMI Association Malaysia at Sunway Convention Centre, Subang Jaya. The award was bestowed on corporation which have contributed significantly and played a prominent and proactive role in the promotion and development of SMEs community in the country that enhance SME’s competitive edge and operation efficiency in pursue of globalization simultaneously.

SERI AUSTIN fully embraced the lifestyle concept of “We build, We care, We love” as we believe in “Every Single Life is Precious”. We will continue to build innovative homes of quality design and affordable pricing to enhance your 'Simply Better' lifestyle. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Now Open For Sales: 3 Stotey Shop Lot - 24' x 80' and 33' x 80' (Corner)

 24'x80' and 33'x80' 


Free legal fee, stamp duty and disbursement on Sale & Purchase Agreement

For any enquiries, please contact  salesperson: 

Michael (h/p: +6010-7668896)